Located in between Silicon Slopes, the shores of Utah Lake, and the college town of Provo, Vineyard Station will be the newest addition to Vineyard, the fastest growing city in America. A short distance from I-15 with a Frontrunner station in the heart of the city, Vineyard Station will provide a one-stop destination for all things dining, shopping, and entertainment. With no building below six stories, a pier on Utah Lake, large concert venues, and many things to come, Vineyard Station will reimagine upscale living in your backyard.

May 11th, 1989

Vineyard was officially incorporated as a town. The community was named for grape vineyards near the original town site. Vineyard Station is nestled between Orem City and Utah Lake.

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May 1st, 2030

Vineyard Station will open its doors to new visitors. The new frontrunner stop will be available and will connect from Provo to Ogden. Dining, shopping, and entertainment  await all who visit.


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